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Baha’u’llah is the “prince of this world” spoken of in the Bible, which the Christian clergy say is Satan and the Antichrist. The “prince of this world” actually refers to the prophesied Prince of Peace and Return of Christ spoken of all throughout the Bible, who comes seated upon the throne of King David and Who brings God’s government on earth, the Christ promised Kingdom of God.



The principal cause of these difficulties lies in the laws of the present civilization; for they lead to a small number of individuals accumulating incomparable fortunes, beyond their needs, whilst the greater number remains destitute, stripped and in the greatest misery. This is contrary to justice, to humanity, to equity; it is the height of iniquity, the opposite to what causes divine satisfaction.

This contrast is peculiar to the world of man: with other creatures, that is to say with nearly all animals, there is a kind of justice and equality. Thus in a shepherd's flock of sheep, in a troop of deer in the country, among the birds of the prairie, of the plain, of the hill or of the orchard, almost every animal receives a just share based on equality. With them such a difference in the means of existence is not to be found: so they live in the most complete peace and joy.
It is quite otherwise with the human species, which persists in the greatest error, and in absolute iniquity. Consider an individual who has amassed treasures by colonizing a country for his profit: he has obtained an incomparable fortune, and has secured profits and incomes which flow like a river, whilst a hundred thousand unfortunate people, weak and powerless, are in need of a mouthful of bread. There is neither equality nor brotherhood. So you see that general peace and joy are destroyed, the welfare of humanity is partially annihilated, and that collective life is fruitless. Indeed, fortune, honors, commerce, industry are in the hands of some industrials, whilst other people are submitted to quite a series of difficulties and to limitless troubles: they have neither advantages nor profits, nor comforts, nor peace.

Then rules and laws should be established to regulate the excessive fortunes of certain private individuals, and limit the misery of millions of the poor masses; thus a certain moderation would be obtained. However, absolute equality is just as impossible, for absolute equality in fortunes, honors, commerce, agriculture, industry, would end in a want of comfort, in discouragement, in disorganization of the means of existence, and in universal disappointment: the order of the community would be quite destroyed. Thus, there is a great wisdom in the fact that equality is not imposed by law: it is, therefore, preferable for moderation to do its work. The main point is, by means of laws and regulations to hinder the constitution of the excessive fortunes of certain individuals, and to protect the essential needs of the masses.

For instance, the manufacturers and the industrials heap up a treasure each day, and the poor artisans do not gain their daily sustenance: that is the height of iniquity, and no just man can accept it. Therefore, laws and regulations should be established which would permit the workmen to receive from the factory owner their wages and a share in the fourth or the fifth part of the profits, according to the wants of the factory; or in some other way the body of workmen and the manufacturers should share equitably the profits and advantages. Indeed, the direction and administration of affairs come from the owner of the factory, and the work and labor, from the body of the workmen. In other words, the workmen should receive wages which assure them an adequate support, and when they cease work, becoming feeble or helpless, they should receive from the owner of the factory a sufficient pension. The wages should be high enough to satisfy the workmen with the amount they receive, so that they may be able to put a little aside for days of want and helplessness.
When matters will be thus fixed, the owner of the factory [read:CEO’s, etc.] will no longer put aside daily a treasure which he has absolutely no need of (without taking into consideration that if the fortune is disproportionate, the capitalist succumbs under a formidable burden, and gets into the greatest difficulties and troubles; the administration of an excessive fortune is very difficult, and exhausts man's natural strength). And, the workmen and artisans will no longer be in the greatest misery and want, they will no longer be submitted to the worst privations at the end of their life.
It is, then, clear and evident that the repartition of excessive fortunes amongst a small number of individuals, while the masses are in misery, is an iniquity and an injustice. In the same way, absolute equality would be an obstacle to life, to welfare, to order and to the peace of humanity. In such a question a just medium is preferable. It lies in the capitalists being moderate in the acquisition of their profits, and in their having a consideration for the welfare of the poor and needy; that is to say, that the workmen and artisans receive a fixed and established daily wage, and have a share in the general profits of the factory.
It would be well, with regard to the social rights of manufacturers, workmen and artisans, that laws be established, giving moderate profits to manufacturers, and to workmen the necessary  means of existence and security for the future. Thus, when they become feeble and cease working, get old and helpless, and die leaving children under age, these children will not be annihilated by excess of poverty. And it is from the income of the factory itself, to which they have a right, that they will derive a little of the means of existence.
 In the same way, the workmen should no longer rebel and revolt, nor demand beyond their rights; they should no longer go out on strike, they should be obedient and submissive, and not ask for impudent wages. But the mutual rights of both associated parties will be fixed and established according to custom by just and impartial laws. In case one of the two parties should transgress, the courts of justice would have to give judgment, and by an efficacious fine put an end to the transgression; thus order will be re-established, and the difficulties settled. The interference of courts of justice and of the Government in difficulties pending between manufacturers and workmen is legal, for the reason that current affairs between workmen and manufacturers cannot be compared with ordinary affairs between private persons, which do not concern the public, and with which the Government should not occupy itself. In reality, although they appear to be matters between private persons, these difficulties between patrons and workmen produce a general detriment; for commerce, industry, agriculture and the general affairs of the country are all intimately linked together. If one of these suffers an abuse, the detriment affects the mass. Thus the difficulties between workmen and manufacturers become a cause of general detriment.
The court of justice and the Government have therefore the right of interference. When a difficulty occurs between two individuals with reference to private rights, it is necessary for a third to settle the question: this is the part of the Government: then the question of strikes--which cause troubles in the country and are often connected with the excessive vexations of the workmen, as well as with the rapacity of manufacturers--how could it remain neglected?
Good God! is it possible that, seeing one of his fellow-creatures starving, destitute of everything, a man can rest and live comfortably in his luxurious mansion?

He who meets another in the greatest misery, can he enjoy his fortune?

That is why, in the religion of God, it is prescribed and established that wealthy men each year give over a certain part of their fortune for the maintenance of the poor and unfortunate. That is the foundation of the religion of God, and the most essential of the commandments.
As now man is not forced nor obliged by the Government, if by the natural tendency of his good heart, with the greatest spirituality, he goes to this expense for the poor, this will be a thing very much praised, approved and pleasing.
Such is the meaning of the good works in the Divine Books and Tablets.


                                                      RIDVAN MESSAGE.

This last Baha'i year has seen many great advancements in the Cause--even as the inner reality of the soul outwardly supports the physical body (and upon the souls departure the body separates back into parts)--all the outward progress and developments in our spiritual community are due to the power of the Covenant now alive in the hearts, minds and souls of the faithful!

This year has seen the great opening of our Persian language Baha'i Center under the provisions of the Covenant; the blossoming of the European and African branches of our school, and those teachers and guides who have been deepening their Roots in those lands in order to secure integration within the greater communities of those nations through humanitarian employment and occupations. Due to the firmness of the Covenant in the Americas and India--these two sister communities have been able to evolve in tandem--shifting the activity of the people upon the maturing foundation of democratic and spiritual elections. This is the most important and most significant development in the Baha'i Faith since the days of the Great Dividing in 1960!

For example--if it be thought about with deep insight--it is clearly seen that the throne-line of King David has been well established and under the protection of God from the time of David and Solomon up through the days of Baha'u'llah and 'Abdu'l-Baha down to the present time. For almost 3000 years God has protected and established this throne-line and family lineage within the world! But it will also be seen that the world has been troubled all throughout this same time period. That wars have ensued. That poverty, disease, racism, and ignorance and other unnatural divisions have prevailed. That religious fanaticism and scientistic atheism have both served to obscure clear proofs and real faith--and the peoples personal experience with God had been cut off like dark clouds that fill the sky cutting those huddled upon God's great green earth off from the clear light of the Resplendant Shining Sun from on high. Now all this has changed! It is the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Kitab-i-Aqdas: "the Mystery of the Reversal of the sign of the Sovereign!" The flag of the Covenant-breakers has been pulled down in all lands and climes; and the world-wide banner and standard of the Covenant has been valiantly hoisted and upraised all throughout the world!

"He is God! O thou who art attracted by the rays of the light emanating from the dawning place of mysteries! Hasten to attain true salvation; hasten towards the shining light; hasten towards eternal joy; hasten towards the wondrous grace; hasten towards the mighty Covenant. Verily the hearts of the heedless have been shaken by the convulsions of frequent calamities, by great tests and difficulties, and the horizons of their lives have been darkened by thick clouds of wickedness and rebellion. Thus the water of certitude dried up and in its place the boding waters of idle fancies and vain imaginings welled forth. Doubts and illusions spread, as they abandoned the authorized Centre of the Covenant [every single provision of the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha] and the solid edifice of the Faith of God, and followed instead every rash and heedless one, the speakers who hear not, and the guides who see not.

"Do they think that they shall be left alone to their own devices? Nay! When the nightingale sings in the eternal paradise, and the dove of holiness warbles its melody in the groves of the realm of grandeur, and the rays of confirmation beam forth from the midmost heart of heaven, and the lamps of oneness shine brightly within the hearts of His chosen ones, and the way is prepared, and the path made straight, and the trumpet of ecstasy is sounded, and the bugle of eternal life is blown, and the hosts of the Abha Kingdom rush forth, and the angels of the Supreme Concourse spur on their chargers, and the standards of the Covenant are hoisted, and the sails of fidelity and harmony are unfurled-on that Day shalt thou see the steadfast ones abiding in the highest heaven, dwelling beneath His all-embracing shadow, occupying a glorious station, and partaking of His conspicuous favors, while the heedless shall be seen enshrouded in a black smoke, reduced to the seat of abasement, and fallen prey to distress, loss and sorrow, until the Day whereon they shall be raised again to life." ('Abdu'l-Baha)

And what is this reversal? It is the coming forth of the rod of iron, the spiritual heirs of the Covenant of Baha'u'llah to receive their inheritance of His Kingdom! They are those that the Master--'Abdu'l-Baha--calls The Learned! Those that Baha'u'llah Himself has designated The Learned in the Book of the Covenant, the Kitab-i-'Ahd.

"The state is, moreover, based upon two potent forces, the legislative and the executive. The focal center of the executive power is the government, while that of the legislative is the learned—and if this latter great support and pillar should prove defective, how is it conceivable that the state should stand?"('Abdu'l-Baha, Secret of Divine Civilization)

"It is incumbent upon everyone to aid those daysprings of authority and sources of command who are adorned with the raiment of equity and justice. Blessed are the rulers and learned in el-Baha! They verily are My trustees amongst My servants and the manifestations of My commandments amidst My people. Upon them rest My glory, My blessings and My grace which have pervaded the world of being. In this connection the utterances revealed in the Kitab-i-Aqdas (the Most Holy Book) are such that from the horizon of their words the light of divine grace shineth luminous and resplendant." (Baha'u'llah, Kitab-i-'Ahd)

All throughout the world everyone loves God. Everywhere we go we here the people praising God and thanking God. But God for the most part is not known. Why? If you had a choice to be either known or to be loved--which would you choose for yourself? That everywhere people talk well of you and sing your praises and shower you with love and affection--but no one really knows you; or that people do know you but are not interested or hate you? Most people would choose to be loved over being known--and apparently that is what God does too!

The Learned therefore are those people who now only have that same deep abiding love of God as most people, but who are also knowledgeable in God as well. They know God through their own direct and immediate experience of God; and from this they have deepened in a lifetime of wisdom and understanding. This direct and immediate knowing of God, and the growth of wisdom and understanding--The Learning of the Learned--does not come upon a person accidentally. No. It comes upon a person when they turn to God and say "yes" of their own free volition. In this manner they enter into a Covenant with God--the everlasting Covenant--and through the welcomed tests, trials, tribulations, and hassles of this world--they overcome! They overcome the world. They overcome themselves! They overcome the dark. And an eternal fire and light is ignited within them that shall last through all this world and the all the worlds of the next, the writings tell us, as long as God Himself shall last--we shall last in everlasting life in eternal paradise. Such is the promise of God. But first we have to say "yes."

"Whoso maketh efforts for Us in Our ways we shall assuredly guide them!" (Baha'u'llah, Iqan)

Thus those who say “yes” become transformed from the image of the animal (two eyes, two ears, mouth, nose, arms and legs) into the image of God: the spiritual qualities and attributes, love, justice, generosity, concord, fidelity, harmony, loving-kindness, compassion, knowledgeable, empathy, humility, strength, valor, etc. This is the learned. The path of the believers. The path of the firmness in this covenant. For they both know and love. They have been guided out of objective and subjective faith--into living discerning faith. Their eyes are open and they see. Their minds are ready and they know. They have overcome the personal. They have overcome the social. In this way they are liberated to gather once again--and form their true Baha'i Councils under the Provisions of the Covenant and develop of their own volition and freedoms--independent of all save God--wonderful and vibrant community life!

And this is the difference of what is taking place now! For 3000 years God has guarded and protected the throne-line of King David--but only now since 1844 and 2001 (through a 149 years dynamic program that is still currently ongoing) has God raised up His people into the light, dispelled the clouds of darkness, open the gates of the doors of heaven, sounded the trumpet announcing the great day, and called forth to all people that the Kingdom is come now upon the earth as it is in heaven. All have been invited to this heavenly banquet and not only as guests but as fellow heirs of the Kingdom, men and women both! heirs of iron--symbolical of the spiritual, the intellectual and the magnetic--to receive their promised share in both this world and the next!

This has never happened before in the history of the world. That all the people should be raised up to inherit. That as the active body of the learned they can elect their chosen representatives and form the international, national and local councils (the current form of the houses of justice) in all their lands and various cultures. That diversity should preserved, and individuality respected. But that this diversity and individuality only flourishes and thrives within the commonweal of the Great community collective of an all-merciful and mighty God: His Kingdom--that prevails in both this world and the next.

Though the Jewish throne-line of this Kingdom (of David and Solomon, of Bostanai, Baha'u'llah and 'Abdu'l-Baha) has been preserved for so long, it is only until now that all the people have slowly awoken out of the false religious forms and refuted the hoaxes perpetrated by the usurpers of the various faiths--and are NOW aroused into action and life to form, this new way upon the earth, and have this legislative parliament established for themselves in the Kingdom as God has promised aforetime:

"The state is, moreover, based upon two potent forces, the legislative and the executive. The focal center of the executive power [the Davidic Kingship] is the government, while that of the legislative is the learned—and if this latter great support and pillar should prove defective, how is it conceivable that the state should stand?"('Abdu'l-Baha, Secret of Divine Civilization)

"It is incumbent upon everyone to aid those daysprings of authority and sources of command who are adorned with the raiment of equity and justice. Blessed are the rulers and learned in el-Baha! They verily are My trustees amongst My servants and the manifestations of My commandments amidst My people. Upon them rest My glory, My blessings and My grace which have pervaded the world of being. In this connection the utterances revealed in the Kitab-i-Aqdas (the Most Holy Book) are such that from the horizon of their words the light of divine grace shineth luminous and resplendant." (Baha'u'llah, Kitab-i-'Ahd)

My prayers are with you all this coming Ridvan Season!

Blessing to ALL on this Great Holy Day!

I remain yours,
Neal Chase.

Chinvat : Memorial of the Faithful

O my God!  O my God!  Verily, thy servant, humble before the majesty of Thy divine supremacy, lowly at the door of Thy oneness, hath believed in Thee and in Thy verses, hath testified to Thy word, hath been enkindled with the fire of Thy love, hath been immersed in the depths of the ocean of Thy knowledge, hath been attracted by Thy breezes, hath relied upon Thee, hath turned his face to Thee, hath offered his supplications to Thee, and hath been assured of Thy pardon and forgiveness.  He hath abandoned this mortal life and hath flown to the kingdom of immortality, yearning for the favor of meeting Thee.

O Lord, glorify his station, shelter him under the pavilion of Thy supreme mercy, cause him to enter Thy glorious paradise, and perpetuate his existence in Thine exalted rose garden, that he may plunge into the sea of light in the world of mysteries.
Verily, Thou art the Generous, the Powerful, the Forgiver and the Bestower.

Dear Friends,

Dwight Seeley was a very important person in the Kingdom. He and his wife Betty came to visit us in Glenwood Springs, CO in the early 2000s and always gave their full grounded support for all our efforts and projects. I first met the Seeley's during my several trips from Detroit to New York City back in the 1980s when I would come through Hermitage, PA. They always opened opened up both their home and their hearts for me in my travels and were always full loving supporters of all the diverse activities of their son Kevin who introduced me to them.

Recently in a trip to Washington D.C. they again opened up their home and hospitality for myself and my entire family. I had many exciting and wonderful talks with Dwight. He was extremely knowledgeable in both spiritual and material matters. Our prayers go out to him and his entire family. About 5 days before his passing he told Kevin--who had been taking care of all his personal needs for over a year now--that he was "done with this old worn out body." Kevin writes:

"Allah'u'Abha! Dear friends, My beloved father (Dwight Arling Seeley) made a most peaceful passage from his mortal body into the next world at 12:00 am Eastern time on Kamal 19, 172 B.E. (8/19/2015). All prayers for the departed will surely be to his benefit at the Threshold of God's Singleness. God's Grace is abundant." "After I found the Revelation of Baha'u'llah and had moved to Colorado, he began keeping track of news stories he came across about the Baha'i Faith and expressing his acceptance of it as no mere cult and giving his full support of all of my efforts in my personal teaching efforts even to the extent of great personal sacrifices. Any thoughts and prayers directed to God the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious on his behalf will surely ease his birth into his new life beyond this earthly realm. God bless all the friends and may all teaching efforts increase immeasurably. In service, Kevin Paul Seeley. Ya Allah El-Mustaghath!"

On Saturday, August 22, they will be assembling at noon in PA and then having a Memorial service for Dwight in the Masonic Tradition at about a quarter to 2:00 Eastern Time. Masonic Lodge 137 sits at the foot of Chair Mountain in Marble Colorado. 'Abdu'l-Baha has stated:

"A student of the modern methods of the higher criticism asked ‘Abdu’l-Baha if he would do well to continue in the church with which he had been associated all his life, and whose language was full of meaning to him. ‘Abdu’l-Baha answered: “You must not dissociate yourself from it. Know this; the Kingdom of God is not in any Society; some seekers go through many Societies as a traveler goes through many cities till he reach his destination. If you belong to a Society already do not forsake your brothers. You can be a Baha’i-Christian, a Baha’i-Freemason, a Baha’i-Jew, a Baha’i-Muḥammadan. The number nine contains eight, and seven, and all the other numbers, and does not deny any of them. Do not distress or deny anyone by saying ‘He is not a Baha’i!’ He will be known by his deeds. There are no secrets among Baha’is; a Baha’í does not hide anything.” ('Abdu'l-Baha in London)

As many of us will also be assembling world-wide to commemorate the anniversary of the Birth of the establisher, Dr. Leland Jensen on August 22--we will also be having a simultaneous memorial service for the crossing over of Dwight in our home here on the Front range--and will say prayers for the departed at a quarter to noon Mountain Time.

Best Wishes to all,
your servant,

Mason Remey was an Aghsan

Mason Remey was an Aghsan

due to being adopted by 'Abdu'l-Baha.

[Mason Remey is the legally adopted son of 'Abdu'l-Baha]

In the Star of the West it is recorded that 'Abdu'l-Baha publicly addressed Mason Remey as "O my dear son," (vol 10, #8 page 144) and "O thou enlightened beloved son," (vol 11, #13, page 229) plus it is recorded in a book written by one of the early believers that 'Abdu'l-Baha sent a message to Mason Remey saying, "You are very dear to me. You are so dear to me I think of you day and night. You are my real son. Therefore I have an idea for you. I hope it may come to pass. 'Abdu'l-Baha." [Diary of Juliet Thompson, page 71]

The evidence listed above is enough to prove that Mason was 'Abdu'l-Baha's son. In order to make the adoption legal and binding, in accordance with Israeli law, 'Abdu'l-Baha gave Mason Remey a token of inheritance via Shoghi Effendi. He enclosed it inside an envelope within which was another envelope containing the token. On the outside of the envelope in Shoghi Effendi's handwriting was this note:

"Of all the remnants of Baha'u'llah's all-sacred Person, the most hallowed, the most precious, confidently delivered into the hands of my brother and co-worker in the Cause of God, Mr. Remey. [Signed] Shoghi. March 1922."

On the inside envelope, which was sealed with a blob of wax was handwritten,

"Coagulated drops of Baha'u'llah's all-Sacred Blood and Ringlets of His Most Blessed Locks presented as my most precious possession to 'Abdu'l-Baha's 'DEAR SON' Mr. Charles Mason Remey as a token of my Baha'i affection and brotherly love. [signed] Shoghi."
[Click here to view the envelope of this token authenticated by the Guardian, Shoghi Effendi, in his own handwriting and signed by him]

It is clear and evident that Shoghi Effendi knew that Mason was 'Abdu'l-Baha's adopted son. This token seals the adoption agreement making it legal and binding! This token of the hair and the blood has important symbolism. The blood represents Baha'u'llah's bloodline which is "all-Sacred" and "Hallowed." The bloodline is that of the royal line of Kings descended from David. The hair represents the head, or guardianship of the Baha'i Faith.

Mason Remey Aghsan then adopted and appointed his son, Joseph Pepe Remey Aghsan who then adopted and appointed his son, Neal Chase ben Joseph Aghsan, to succeed him as the current Guardian of the Baha'i Faith. The appointment of the successors to the guardianship of the Baha’i faith always comes as a test unto the people. 'Abdu'l-Baha used the token of the hair and the blood; Mason used a token of a medallion in the shape of a nine pointed Baha’i star; and Pepe used a token in the form of a lapis lazuli Baha'i ring. When asked about these tokens, Mason Remey explained that they were a way to give away the test--but that they were not the manner in which the next guardian was appointed as anyone could then steal the token for themselves and claim the guardianship--the guardianship therefore can never be tied to any material object as that can always be stolen by others, Mason explained.

The criteria for the guardianship is to be a son (of the Aghsan lineage of King David through Baha'u'llah and 'Abdu'l-Baha) and to be appointed by the pervious guardian in the guardian's life-time. Neal inherited all these material possessions from his father Pepe and then donated them including the three tokens (a. the hair and blood; b. the medallion; and c. the ringstone seal) and other personal artifacts in his possession that he had inherited from Mason and Pepe--through the executor of Pepe's estate--to the public trust of all the Baha'i peoples Under the Provisions of the Covenant into the personal care of Dr. Leland Jensen in 1994 A.D. The guardian said he did this because first, no one would ever believe or be fooled into thinking that Dr. Jensen was the guardian of the Baha’i faith, and second so that these tokens could never be used by anyone ever again in the future to claim the guardianship of the Baha'i Faith as they had already served their purpose during the tests of Mason, Pepe and Neal. It is possible these relics and artifacts will survive the catastrophe and be placed in a Baha’i “Smithsonian;” and it is possible that they won't.

An adopted son has all the rigths and prerogatives as a natural son, inlcuding the Kingship.





Huwwa al-'ajami al-farisi al-'iraqi: “He is the American! The exiled Persian!” (Baha’u’llah, The Tablet of the Holy Mariner: Persian Section)

The purpose of the Covenant is not to unite the believers. The believers are already united. The function of the Covenant is to expose the Covenant-breakers--so we can separate (Hebrew: nazar literally separate) from them (W&T, p. 20)--for they are already in violation of the Covenant as materialists.

This is what Jesus meant in the Light Verse we he said: “And this is the judgment, that the light (baha) has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light (baha), because their deeds were evil. For every one who does evil hates the light (baha), and does not come to the light (baha), lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does what is true comes to the light (baha), that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been wrought in God.” (John 3:19-22, RSV)

The Covenant exposes the Covenant-breakers by allowing them to manifest their hate of God focused upon the innocent person of the living Davidic King in exile (exilarchs: exiled monarchs of King David). This appears in the form of Federal Court cases, personal ad hominem attacks and other stratagem and overt or subtitle devices, etc. In this way all scriptures explain that God separates the believers from the unbelievers through the criteria of his Covenant: “Therefore, come out from among unbelievers, and separate yourselves from them, says the LORD” (2 Cor. 6:17, NLT)

“Aslan refers to Al Qaeda's jihad against the west as ‘a cosmic war’, distinct from holy war, in which rival religious groups are engaged in an earthly battle for material goals. ‘A cosmic war is like a ritual drama in which participants act out on earth a battle they believe is actually taking place in the heavens.’ American rhetoric of ‘war on terrorism’, Aslan says, is in precise ‘cosmic dualism’ to Al Qaeda's jihad…  Aslan's prescription for winning the cosmic war is not to fight… ‘Throughout the Middle East, whenever moderate Islamist parties have been allowed to participate in the political process, popular support for more extremist groups has diminished.’” In all cases the goals are materialistic--they are material goals. This means dividing the spiritual people one against another and perpetuating the wars of the religions against one another. For if they admitted the existence of the heir to David’s throne all wars would cease. It is these WARS that fill their pockets for their own empowerment and aggrandizement. It is the real value and real wealth of human beings “cashed out,” so to speak, in the deaths of the lives of the people that translate into the gold that lines their pockets. And the foolish loved ones of God allow themselves to be deceived by these materialists who masquerade as the leaders of faith? Whom Jesus called wolves (materialists) in sheep’s clothing. So God send them a promised one--the living descendant of King David--so that those that hate God should expose themselves in public to all the unsuspecting people--so the loved ones of God should see that they are the Covenant-breakers; so the loved ones of God can separate themselves from these materialistic self-aggrandizers--falsifying numbers of followers to gain bank loans--and be free in God to govern themselves and worship God in their own way in the true unorganized religion--for no one,‘Abdu’l-Baha, states can organize spirituality in any way, shape or form. In the Kitab-i Ahd (Covenant of Baha’u’llah) and the sacred Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha it establishes the living David King as the center of the Covenant: “He is the “‘sign of God’” (W&T, p. 11). He is the “sign of God” against who the Covenant-breakers fight exposing themselves. He is the “sign of God” separating the believers from the unbelievers. He is the “sign of God” by which we can recognize the true Universal House of Justice of Baha’u’llah from fakes, frauds and imitations!

The word Nazarene (means to separate). Jesus was a Nazarene or Nazarite (Num. 6:1-21) because they separated themselves from the corrupt politics and materialistic wars of the materialists or “unbelievers” in the spiritual reality: they were liberated from the divisiveness in his day. It is in the advantage of the materialist to masquerade as “saved” and “holy” and take up leadership positions in the churches, synagogues and mosques, and then beat the drums of war for their materialistic political allies and gain their gratuitous kick-backs.

Thus the Covenant exposes those who are against God so the believers in God the pure in heart can separate from them. As to those who are not against the living David King and the work we are doing: Jesus states: “Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.”

Our allies are those who allow us to continue our work unhindered. Those in opposition, those who are against us personally: they are those that are the violators of the Covenant “Verily we wronged them not but they have wronged themselves.” (W&T, p. 9).

Huwwa al-'ajami al-farisi al-'iraqi: “He is the Nazarene! The Exilarch!” (Baha’u’llah, The Tablet of the Holy Mariner: Persian Section)