Naw Ruz Message From Beloved Guardian For Indian Bupc Members


At this time the entire Islamic world is within turmoil, as the US and its allies seeks to coalesce the Sunni world in North Africa and the Middle East prior to the impending conflict with Shi’i Iran. The state of Israel under Natanyahu, the Sans-guardians in Haifa, the Sunni word and the US and UK are all assenting to the joint opposition of he Shi’i states and organizations of which Iran is the stronghold. This is an echo of the old East West war of Rome versus Persia that comes down to us today since the days of Muhammad and before hand.

Meanwhile on the prophesied 70 years anniversary to the day (see Jeremiah 29:10, 11, etc) of the US entrance into WW II in the lend lease act of March 11, 1941 plus 70 is March 11, 2011 the triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and radioactive disaster has occurred in Japan. This has occurred – according to the governor of Tokyo statements – ultimately due to the corporate influence upon the spiritual people of Japan. These “corporations” which have emanated from Europe and the United States and set up their Bretton Woods pact post WW II have enclosed all the countries off the world in such a manner that they are in dire need of spiritualization and a new “bottom line” that is for the public welfare and wellbeing of the nations and peoples of the world.

This type of grass roots movement that will capture the hearts and minds of the corporate leadership and return these money making conglomerates into public servants and public service corporations once again – is the same type of spirituality embodied in the activity of the Baha’i India community under the provisions of the Covenant.

The Baha’i prescription for the spiritual solution to the economic problem --- and the foundation of the economic justice which is the basis for the Divine Economy that we now possess -- will become the foundational business model for the peoples of India and that this great nation shall be the first to Master as it stands at the crossroads of East and West!

In adapting this model to the corporation model of the India free market state the well fare and ultimate stability of the people of India -- and their neighbors boarding that country on all sides -- will be assured and the success and prosperity for the nation of India will be established. “Corporation” shall be the essence of spiritual “Co-operation” as the proceeds of these endeavors shall invigorate all participates and transform the region itself with real schools, sustainable agriculture, symbiotic energy resource, and firm infrastructure into veritable sublime paradise of heaven on earth in harmony with nature, God and the nature spiritual inclinations of man.

This is the perfect blending of spirituality and business, based upon the Baha’i business model under the provisions of the Covenant. In this way India will preserve its agricultural backbone, enhance its technological ability in harmony with its long held spiritual and religious traditions in harmony with both God and nature making this community above all others financially, morally, ethically and spiritual sound and health under the provisions of the Covenant of God.

Aside from the material blessings and splendors which are being and shall be showered upon this great nation of India is the spiritual blessings of the Community of the Covenant due to the unfading resolves of this National Baha’i Community and its tested and tried loyal membership under the provisions of the Covenant in the face of opposition and resistance by those in leadership positions who erred in following Ruhiyyih Khanum. From out of their error has emerged those who souls and pure and hearts on fire with love of ‘Abdu’l-Baha and his Will and Testament the charter for the paradise of the Kingdom on earth in every region in every state and in ever clime.

Thus though this fast has come to fulfillment this Naw Ruz, now the Blessings of Light upon Light are descending upon these wonderful and enlightened souls:

“Do not bring our fasts to an end with this fast, O my Lord, nor the covenants Thou hast made with this covenant. Do Thou accept all that we have done for love of Thee, and for the sake of Thy pleasure, and all that we have left undone as a result of our subjection to our evil and corrupt desires. Enable us, then, to cleave steadfastly to Thy love and Thy good pleasure, and preserve us from the mischief of such as have denied Thee and repudiated Thy most resplendent signs. Thou art, in truth, the Lord of this world and of the next. No God is there beside Thee, the Exalted, the Most High.”

May the blessing of God descend upon every one in this community and uplift all the men and women and children and families and villages and cites and loved ones in that region!

My prayers eternally with you all, blessing this Naw Ruz 168 BE, 2011 AD!

Your servant,