‘Abdu’l-Baha (in Tablets of the Divine Plan) states that

“We must  do three things in order to receive our rays of the holy spirit: teach the faith, live the life, and firmness in the Covenant.” In the seven valleys these three things parallel the outer law, the path, and the tree of reality of which the 12 principles of the Baha’i faith are the fruits of that tree.

The activity in teaching opens up our inner most selves to the expression of our knowledge and love of God and the divine to be shared with our fellow human beings. This increase the capacity for the test in our living the life which essentially means loving all the world and al the people of the world. Jesus taught we should love our neighbor and even love our enemies. While the enemies of the Faith may exists we have nothing but love for them. When he said to love our neighbor he did not mean that we should love the bad things that he may do to us--but rather that we love the person--the true soul from God. Firmness in the Covenant means re-dedicating ourselves to every single provision of the Master’s Will and Testament. It also means understanding the Tablet of the Dichotomy 

(http://www.bupc.org/Tablet-of-the-Dichotomy.pdf) in seeing how the Promise of God is fulfilled in the Covenant of Baha’u’llah in the Kitab-i Ahd.