Dear Friends,

A New year's Greeting to all this Winter season! Traditionally two new years celebrations were held one in the spring and the other in the Winter. These difference were due to the teachings of the Manifestations of God that appeared in ancient times and before the coming of Jesus Christ. Early Christians celebrated the first day of spring as the new year, March 21, and later moved their New Year to the anniversary of the circumcision of baby Jesus on the 8th day after his birth in December on X-Mas day. Denis the little established this date as January 1--the 8th day from X-Mas--on the Western Calendar, that is now the modern Gregorian system. Investigation into the different ethnic and spiritual traditions of the world reveals a common theme of calendars and prophetic systems including the Yuga, Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian, Roman, Hebrew, Chinese, and Mayan calendars.

These calendars were established as prophetic schedules pertaining to God and His Manifestations--the great world teaches--that are, and were, to come and educate all humanity into the Divine Reality. Thus each was charged with a specific mission and specific task for special purpose and specific peoples. Of the thousands and thousands of these innumerable teachers send into this world, Seven of these were foretold as Universal Manifestations of God inaugurating the advent of New Universal Cycles of consciousness. All of the Universal Cycles are timed in accordance with massive earth changes, social upheavals, economic collapse and transformation, great wars, and other cataclysmic and comic disasters (see Immanuel Velikovsky, for more). Baha'u'llah reveals: "When calamity exists in the greatest degree rejoice and be exceedingly glad for these are the blessings and favors of God!"

The first four Universal Manifestations--Primordial Teachers--established the previous ancient civilizations that have been totally obliterated before the advent of this Adamic Cycle Cycle circa 4000 BC. Known by Many different names, such as Zydyk, Manu, Anu, Atman, the Biblical Adam, is the fifth Universal Global Teacher, Jesus Christ is the sixth, and Baha'u'llah is the seventh Universal Manifestation in planetary history. Today, therefore, we have the culmination of these various systems, such as the 6000 Years Adamic cycle in 2001 AD in September correlated with the prophetic Pyramid Chronology as explained by David Davidson, as well as the Mayan Calendar according to the Palenque Count. Today in 2012, is the culmination of the Mayan Calendar Aztec Count, December 21, 2012.

2012 is the 100 years anniversary of the coming of 'Abdu'l-Baha to the United Sates of America. 'Abdu'l-Baha landed in New York City, the City of the Covenant on April, 11, 2012, disembarking from the SS Cedric. After his arrival they asked him why he refused to ride on the Titanic and how he knew. He explained that they wrote upon it, "the ship that God couldn't sink" so He sank it.

Today the New world order people think we have the civilization that even God can't sink. Thus we are all in the same boat. It is our job to educate the people, and provide guidance for the necessary change that needs to take place. As long as our culture is moving away from this harmful attitude we will remain protected within this new spiritual culture, and the outer society at large that defends its existence and right to exist. To the extent that this new culture of the oneness of humanity is fragmented by meaningless dissension--by these spiritual principles--it will falter and fail. The spiritual principles of solidarity and firmness in the Covenant are destined to win out over the forces of tyranny and darkness. Love and light will prevail. All the mischief makers will be humiliated and effaced.. the political distractions and smokescreens will dissipate and no longer engross and distract the hearts and minds of the misguided media. The people will find focus in God. Refuge in God and solace in God. Materialism will fade, and spiritual and divine civilization will prevail! Science and Art and technology will reach new unimagined heights. The hidden potential of the people will be released from the chains of ignorance and malaise. Success and self-respect, and value of life and the lives of others, will become forefront. War will cease and cooperation will be established.

This New Year. 2012 signifies the year of the Bab alpha-numerically:: 2-1-2, B-A-B. (a=1,b=2). This is the great opening of the Great Gate in which it is written "and the Temple in Heaven was opened!" (Rev. 11:19). It signifies the opening of the 12 Gates of the spiritual and everlasting City of the New Jerusalem, the City of the Covenant, through which the faithful unto God enter by troops into the Kingdom of Eternal Light! It signifies the onward efforts of the Hidden College, the great work of the servants of light, and the "strange act" (Is. 28:21-22) God prophecies He will perform in His establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Today the signs of God are manifest within the world and within our very own selves.

on behalf of the Council,